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R35GTR (Prt1 Stage 1) - (Prt2 Stage 4.25)
(Updated: July 02, 2020)
Overall rating
Build quailty
Safety & Security
Touring capability (Luggage space, comfort etc)
Main Dealer / Specialist experience?
Servicing costs
Availability of parts
Ease of undertaking DIY work?
Feel good factor
Did the car meet your expectations?
Would you recommend this car?
Jmbs R35GTR Review
Part 1 (Stage 1)
I’ve owned My car for just over a year now and have always liked the Gtr series from the R32 to now.
This is the biggest update to the R35 GT-R since it was launched back in 2007. There’s been a feeling that the GT-R has never really stood still in terms of development in those nine years, with constant tweaks and adjustments to software and set-up, not to mention gradual increases in power. 

The GT-R features front airbags as well as side impact and roof-mounted curtain airbags. The GT-R is also fitted with anti-lock brakes. In recent testing of the GT-R, the sports coupe required 103 feet to stop from 60 to 0 mph, which is among the shortest distances recorded,

But this MY16 (September onwards) iteration has much bigger design changes, both outside and in, with a much-needed new infotainment system and a focus on reduced Noise, Vibration and Hardness. The aim has been to bring more performance but in a more mature package.

The bodywork tweaks are as much about cooling as aerodynamics. The aim was to get more air to the radiator without having a bigger grille and increasing the drag. Some of the fillips that we saw on the NISMO GT-R have made their way onto the standard car – the rear spats, for example, help to clean up the turbulence behind the car. The C-pillars have also been almost invisibly tweaked to smooth the airflow across them and as well as being aerodynamically adjusted in its shape, the new bonnet is also stiffer, meaning it deforms less at high speed.
The engine (code VR38DETT) now produces 20bhp more at the top end thanks to an increase in boost pressure and an ignition timing system lifted from the NISMO GT-R. There is a new Titanium exhaust system, and underneath the car is a NACA on the undertray to help guide cool air towards the silencer.
The body structure has been given more stiffness around the windscreen to improve turn-in and this has been balanced by greater rigidity at the rear with reinforcement around the boot. Nissan claims a four per cent increase in speed through a slalom as a result
Every day use – Some say you can use the GTR for everyday use, I agree in essence but for me it’s a weekend or event car, The R35 is reasonably comfortable to drive and allows you too take one passenger, you can squeeze a kid in the back but the passenger seating area is compromised as you must pull the seat forward enough to get the rear passenger in, getting in and out is a pain, the front passenger also ends up with their knees practically touching the dash board, not ideal, so keeping to the driver and one passenger is right.
The seats are both electric with two heat settings, Aircon is great as the centre console from the gearbox gets very warm when stuck in traffic,
All-round vision is ok, the reversing camera and front and rear sensors make for easy parking, the turning circle isn’t great, but the power steering makes up for those tricky manoeuvres   
The boot space is reasonable, and you can get a good shop in or a couple of medium suitcases.
The cockpit is well designed with all the instruments easily visible, the rake and reach steering makes for the perfect driving position, the main dials are also built into this feature, so when you choose you position the Dials move with the steering wheel so you have direct vision of them.
The onboard computer and screen is a good size and very clear, you can customise it to your liking with a large single read out or as many as six, being able to read the Oil temp, Transmission Temp and Engine temp, Miles left in the tank is handy.
The standard GT-R is more of a GT car than it has ever been before, with greater everyday use on the road. It still sounds like a GT-R, but with the edges smoothed slightly and the volume turned down half a notch. It certainly still accelerates like a GT-R and if anything, it feels slight stronger right up at the top of the rev-range, staying keen until all the rev-limiter lights are illuminated. Overtakes have rarely felt so easy.
However, there is less aggression in the way that the GT-R handles. It’s slightly mellower on turn in and some of the assertive agility that we are used to has been removed. There is still more than enough power to get the tail swinging wide on the exit of a corner, but unless you trail brake it doesn’t feel like you will unsettle the rear with turn-in alone. It will still demolish a B-road in alarming fashion, leaning on incredible grip and leaving most other cars for dead in the process, 
Engine Mods
The September 2016 onwards is fitted with a Twin Turbo 3.8 litre V6 and puts out 565HP@6800 rpm with a Maximum Torque of 476@3300 Rpm. That’s Standard,
Stage 1 mods will bring it to 590HP@6810rpm – 527lb,ft Torque @ 5045rpm
Stage 2 mods will bring it to 610HP@7000rpm – 529lb,ft Torque @ 4040rpm
Stage 3 mods will bring it to 615HP@7000rpm – 540lb,ft Torque @ 4920rpm
Stage 4 mods will bring it to 640HP@7065rpm – 583lb,ft Torque @ 4140rpm
Stage 4.25 mods will bring it to 660HP@7045rpm – 612lb,ft Torque @ 4995rpm
Stage 4.5 mods will bring it to 700HP@7055rpm – 617lb,ft Torque @ 4810rpm
Stage 5 mods will bring it to 750HP@7205rpm – 638lb,ft Torque @ 7220rpm
Incredibly All of the above can be achieved from the standard engine, Of course the Nissan GTR is renowned for After Market mods and can ne taken to the dizzy heights of over 3000hp (Unbelievable)  
What’s the GTR like to drive.
Staring the engine is a push of a button and the 3.8 comes alive, theirs a nice rumble & burble from the exhaust, if a little noisy theirs a switch to tone the sound down a tad, the gearbox is reasonably smooth through the gear selection, however you need to wait a few seconds before putting into drive, always best to let the car warm up first at least for a minute or two, onto the road and away you go, it takes around 10 minutes to get the car up to good temperatures and then your set to introduce the power, whilst driving to get the car warm you can feel the GTR waking up, stretching, and almost saying not quite yet, then that magic moment comes to introduce some more power, with both turbos spooling up and sucking in air the acceleration is immense, you cant really feel how hard you are accelerating as you grip the wheel, but you soon realise as you start to eat up the road and the first obstacle appears and you need to get heavy on the brakes, I know as passenger this sensation is complete different as you are pinned back in your seat and the thrown forward on braking, the gear changes are quick and smooth through the huge gear box which coincidently has two clutches, one for 1,3,5 and the other for 2,4 & 6. Cornering is fantastic as this is where the GTR is really at home, the grip is incredible, I’ve never been round roundabouts faster than any other car I’ve driven, sometimes it’s hard to believe and the more you get used to it the better the corning and handling becomes, the car feels reasonably light but just so planted, the computer is working overtime to keep the car balanced and it does it so well, as soon as that kick of the rear end starts when leaving the apex  you feel the tyres bed into the tarmac, the grip comes on and you are launched out of the corner, Fantastic.
Watching your speed becomes a mission due to the hard acceleration and grip the GTR gives out, 0-60 comes realistically in 3 seconds on hard acceleration over very short distances, the drivers job is then taking all of this and keeping the car balanced and smooth, it takes a while to get used to but once your relaxed and used to the car you can really push the limits if you dare, this is just road driving once on track as you can imagine the whole experience is magnified and you will need to hold on, concentrate and get the rewards, I will be doing some track days later this year and will update the review with my experiences.   
Onto the runway,
I love this type of driving it’s the only real time you really get to find out how fast you can push the car, Prep is important and not to be taken lightly, checking the brakes first is a good place to start, My GTR is fitted with the Big brake kit made my Alcon paired with Pagid Race pads, 
Caliper Features:
·  Front: RC6 (CAR70) – Two-piece 6 piston forged caliper Rear: RC4 (CAR69) – Two piece 4 piston forged caliper
  • 6 piston design for high stiffness (firm pedal) with low weight
  • Piston bore sizes are staggered to ensure even pad wear
  • 7% Larger piston area on front calipers and 11% larger pistons area on the rear calipers
  • Pin-mounted pads provide low threshold pressure and low noise
  • Pads formulated for excellent resistance to fade at elevated temperatures
  • Strong cold performance for start-up and city driving
  • Low noise
Disc Features:
·  Front: 412x36mm semi floating disc assembly with “C” grooves and lightweight aluminium bells
·  Front disc offers are 9.6% larger disc effective radius which gives an additional 17% increase in available brake torque.
·  Rear: 380x33mm semi floating disc assembly with “C” grooves
·  10.6% increase in available brake torque.
·  Two-piece design featuring aerospace specification alloy bells for high strength with minimum weight
·  Discs of unique iron alloy developed by Alcon to provide an optimum combination of bite, thermal stability and durability
·  Unique crescent grooves on friction faces provide the bite usually associated with drilled discs without the attendant durability problems
·  Directional curved cooling vanes for optimum cooling performance
·  Alcon’s floating disc system designed to allow thermal expansion of the disc throughout its life while minimising the tendency to judder
The Kit is self is reasonably easy to fit with all the right tools, if you messed around with motors before you can do this yourself, it took me 6 hours, taking my time, I also bled my brakes with a pressured bottled system. Just to note I destroyed the standard Brembo GTR discs on the runway last year, through the heat cycles the front discs cracked, I couldn’t drive the runway with them like that it was just too risky.
Tyres and balance are equally important and a thorough check of tyre pressure, damage should be done, the balancing will also help for smooth runs and braking, The final check should be your oil, just making sure you have the right level to help protect the engine.
So now sitting on the runway in position, you got two choice, either engage the launch control or just sit and wait and floor it, either way once you take of their no going back, pushing the car up through the gears either with the auto or using the flappy paddles you soon realise you now probably driving faster than ever before, 130mph is a breeze, 160mph and the adrenalin is increasing then onto a max a Stage 1 of 185MPH, onto the brakes and hard breaking to get the car slow down and under control for the exit, Fantastic.  If you’ve never done this in your car, I highly recommend you do so!
MY GTR will be off too Litchfield’s very soon and will have a Stage 4.25 upgrade, I will update this review on that experience and more driving/Track day reviews Later.
Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you learn a little more form my prescriptive on the GTR.
Safe Driving 

Part 2 (Stage 4.25 LM660)
Very early Monday morning and into the GTR for the 2.5 hour drive down to Litchfield, the suns shining and looking forward to the drive, This will be the last time I drive the car at stage 1, the plan is set for a stage 4.25 upgrade which is going to fitted and mapped in a day, Hopefully.
Litchfield’s being one of the premier tuning shops for GTRs and other Marquees is very well set up, the garage is impressive and the staff friendly and helpful, the waiting area has been designed thoughtfully with windows overlooking the entire workshop and the rolling road, refreshments are complimentary and the internet works well, with the keys handed over time to settle in for the long day while the car gets its new bits. 
Litchfield also provide a free courtesy car for the local attractions; I visited a local dock and shopping centre. 
So, with the 4.25 upgrade its as far as the tuners can take the GTR on stock turbos, Litchfield’s mechanics will be fitting the following…… 
·         Milltek Stainless Steel Downpipes
·         Litchfield 1,100cc Bosch Injectors
·         Litchfield large bore performance intake kit with larger MAF housing
·         Milltek stainless steel Y-Pipe (76mm)
·         Milltek rear stainless-steel exhaust system (76mm)
·         Improved boost control with custom Ecutek code
·         Adjustable boost using the steering wheels cruise control button
·         Revised ignition control, variable valve timing and fuel maps
·         Reduced fuel consumption (especially on partial throttle conditions)
·         Increase in both power and torque across the whole rev range
·         Litchfield Version 8 RACEROM Switchable maps for 95 Unleaded, 97 Super Unleaded & 99 Octane Super Unleaded
·         Litchfield Custom Traction Control settings with Live adjustment (with optional Bluetooth Interface & Phone App)
·         Litchfield Torque Control for Live adjustment of power output per gear (with optional Bluetooth Interface & Phone App)
·         Litchfield Adjustable Pops & Bangs / Burble / Flames from mild to wild (with optional Bluetooth Interface & Phone App)
·         Litchfield Selectable Upshift Pops on full throttle gear changes
·         Litchfield Safety trips for additional engine and clutch protection
·         Litchfield Custom Launch Control settings when used with Gearbox Software upgrade
Throughout the day I was informed of progress and was delighted to hear the car would be ready the same day, 
After all the parts are fitted the technician drives the car out of garage, the first noticeable change is the sound, the new exhaust system sounded a lot more throaty on idle, the car is road tested and its new map added, the maps have been developed over many years and would come as a single e upload which will be tweaked later, unfortunately due to the Covid I could not go on the road test.
The car is now back and driven to the hand over bay, out comes Ian Litchfield for the final tweaking of the mapping, bill paid (which came in very close to the estimate) keys in hand it was time to head home. (By the way it is now 18.00)
Tentatively I drive out the industrial area straight onto the A road, both windows down i slowly build up the power, from first to six gear at 50 mph happens quickly with no hard accelerating, the noise from the exhaust system is music to my ears, love it.
I pull into a small lay bye and let a few cars go by and wait for a clear opening in traffic to feel the new power, out I go again and floor it, the GTR launches, my immediate impression was the car felt angry, the acceleration is incredible, what a difference, 60 mph was on the clock in an instance and I’m already backing off, at this stage I must admit all I could do was laugh, I think that my nervous disposition, hey ho, in the back of my mind my alter ego is saying this thing is an animal, if you’ve never experience 660bhp with 612lb,ft Torque and love speed this is a must for the GTR. As I drove more and more, I realised the car was a completely different drive, and all for the better, the new curve from the mapping spools up the turbos a lot quicker, the drive feels so much more responsive, and the new torque changed the gear ratios, the auto box was not dropping down the gears as I remembered it at stage 1, instead just holding in say 3rd but with the torque of second, switching over to the paddles and dropping the gears manually really bought the car alive, in second the noise and acceleration was sublime. I also had fitted an Eibach anti roll kit which consisted of bars fitted to front and back of the car.
Manufactured from cold-formed, high-strength aircraft-grade steel for precision performance, and finished with a long-lasting red powder coat finish, 
The front bar is 1 mm larger at 35 mm, but only 300 grams heavier, with two positions. The measured rate is up from 95 N/mm to either 171 or 184 N/mm, depending on the position used.
The rear bar is 2 mm larger, tubular rather than solid and 500 grams heavier. The five positions give a rate difference from 5 to 8N/mm, increased from the standard bar’s 3.7 N/mm.
Whilst driving through the chosen route through the country lanes the feel of handling was so much more planted, the car felt tighter with less roll, it was pretty decent before but the mod really helped iron out the bends, it reminded me a being in my old race kart, again a well worth addition which the plan was to have done while I was to cut down on later expenses and have the car set up ready for track days.
Onto the motorway, leaving the slip lane at 70 mph I join the traffic, indicating out for the fats lane, knocking the gears down a couple I floor it, again the GTR doesn’t disappoint, the pick up form the turbos is so much more noticeable, and again within seconds you just have to back off, I’m now very impressed and really pleased with the over all outcome, money well spent to bring this Iconic car alive and to another level.
So I settle in for the long drive round the motorways, soon I approach the Homedale’s tunnel, time to change the map, holding down the a button on the steering wheel for 3 seconds takes over the speed dial and it flicks to number 3 (99 Octane Map) I flick the switch down two notches to set the dial to number 1 and press again to engage, flick up the suspension switch to toughen the ride and we are now in pops and bangs mode, Into the tunnel down into 3rd gear and accelerate hard, off the accelerate and then applying a small amount of pressure back on the accelerate is feeding fuel form the 1100 cc injectors back into the engine, and then you hear it, the pops and bangs are very loud and some good puffs of smoke are seen in the rear view mirror,
Whether they are igniting I couldn’t tell you but plan to find out later with a Go-pro set up, laughing my head off I do it again just because I can, sounds great and cant wait to take my boy out so he can experience it, boys love that stuff…………..
So, to conclude, overall, I’m happy with the results, would recommend the upgrade, I will spend the rest of the year getting used to the new set up and have already been on a meet to show off the cars newest attributes. I will be taking the car on the runway Mid July for my first top speed run with the stage 4.25, must book a track day very soon too, I will update the review after.   

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